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VOSM is the world's first and only veterinary sub-specialty group concentrating on canine sports medicine. The specialists at VOSM have a strong understanding of the activities performed by and injuries occurring in working and performance dogs. They also understand not only the need to accurately diagnose and treat working and sporting injuries, but the requirements of returning these athletes back to full performance.

Due to our high success rate of returning dogs back to work and sport, VOSM receives patients all over the country and across the world. Universities, other specialty veterinary groups and general practice veterinarians all refer patients and entrust us with returning their own companion and performance dogs to full activity.

Because of our close proximity to Washington, D.C., we commonly work with highly-trained working and government dogs, as well as top-level performance dogs competing across the country.

By pairing a customized rehabilitation therapy program with retraining and conditioning, our patients not only recover more fully, but also stay healthy for the duration of their athletic careers. Prevention is the key to success.

Included in VOSM's state-of-the-art facility is an advanced gait analysis system, which helps to objectively assess dogs for injury as well as provide a baseline for working and sporting dog performance assessments. Diagnostic musculoskeletal ultrasound and arthroscopy, specialized procedures at VOSM, help provide a definitive diagnosis and treatment for soft tissue sports-related injuries through minimally-invasive means. VOSM also has a regenerative medicine laboratory for treatments such as stem cell therapy when indicated.

The process begins with a sports medicine consultation to assess your canine athlete and provide an overall health assessment or a definitive diagnosis and treatment plan for those with current injuries or sports-related or working issues. For canine athletes looking for a baseline evaluation, we offer a "Race Ready" annual assessment. VOSM is proud to have more specialists board certified by the American College of Veterinary Sports Medicine & Rehabilitation in small animal specialty practice than anywhere else in the world.

Sports Medicine Specialists

  • Dr. Sherman Canapp
  • Dr. Debra Canapp

Our specialists have extensive experience treating dogs with each of these conditions and can provide you with extensive treatment options — both surgical and non-surgical — to allow your canine athlete the ability to return to full function.

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