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Laser is light energy to affect injured tissues at the cellular level. It is used to stimulate healing, provide pain relief, and facilitate the reorganization of injured tissues.

Although the therapeutic window is 600-1000nm, the actual wavelength will vary depending the unit itself. Different cells will also respond to different wavelengths, depending on the treatment necessary.

Positive Biological Effects: cartilage stimulation, fibroblast (cells involved in wound healing) production, enhancement of immune cells to combat pathogens, and increasing the vascularity of the healing tissue

Possible Indications for use of laser: post-operative pain and inflammation, wound healing, joint swelling, tendonitis, bursitis, fasciitis, capsulitis, tendon/ligament injuries, muscle spasm/trigger points, arthritic disorders, joint swelling and stimulation of acupuncture points

For iliopsoas strains, laser therapy can be combined with rest, massage, passive range of motion exercises and at-home exercises to promote full recovery.

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