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VOSM in Finland


Our owners, Dr. Sherman and Dr. Debra Canapp, traveled to Finland to host a workshop on Canine Sports Medicine. Before their conference, they took time to meet up with one of VOSM Academy‚Äôs certified practitioners, Dr. Tiiu Toijala. 

During their several days in the office, they had the pleasure to work with some noteworthy patients.

First up was world-renowned trainer, Janita Leinonen and her border collie, Hitti, who holds the Agility European Open 2013 Champion title. Hitti suffers from arthritis in her elbow, so Dr. Sherman and Dr. Tiiu preformed an arthroscopic and reiterative medicine treatment to get her feeling better.

Dr. Jenni Lehtinen and her dog Moi Bendit traveled from Norway to Finland to meet the VOSM team. Bendit is eager to get back to agility competitions, but an initial medical examination and history looks like he has medial shoulder syndrome. To correctly diagnose, Dr. Debra performed an msk ultrasound giving her the most accurate results. (For those unfamiliar with MSI/MMS check out our previous Facebook Live post by Susan Garrett)

Lastly, VOSM had the privilege of helping a working dog with his rotator cuff injury. Our doctors treated a VIP Schutzhund German Shepherd with stems cells and PRP therapy.


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