Testimonial - Smoke

Friday May 13, 2016

On Sept. 1st 2015 my worst nightmare came true…. My Best friend, Hunting Buddy, and Hunt test dog SMOKE tore his ccl… I was heart broke and devastated. I immediately started to ask the people I knew who had competition dogs where the BEST place I should take Smoke to be seen. The majority of the responses I got were “There is only one place to go if you want it done right……VOSM”. We arrived at VOSM for SMOKES consultation and were immediately impressed with the facility and how nice everybody treated us. When we met Dr. Dycus we are also very impressed with how much time he spent with Smoke examining him and the options that he presented to us. This was our first time dealing with an injury like this and we had a ton of questions that Dr. Dycus answered in detail. He recommended the TPLO surgery and we put our trust in him. Smoke surgery went very well but he still had a long road to recovery. Dr. Dycus stressed that the rehab was very important and we strictly followed his instructions. It toke Smoke about 7 months until we started getting him SLOWLY back into training. We trained for about a month and a half before he ran his first Master hunt test and he SMOKED it!! I can say as Smokes owner/handler that he runs just as hard if not harder now than before his surgery. My family and I cannot thank Dr. Dycus enough for his unbelievable talent, bed side manner and professionalism. I highly recommend VOSM for everybody’s orthopedic needs. This organization is first class. I got my wing man back to doing what he loves most Hunting and competing. SMOKE is a very special dog to my family and I and we are looking forward to doing great things with him in the future!