Testimonial - Harper

Friday July 24, 2015

I just traveled from Montana to Maryland to have a cruciate surgery done on my three year old berner, and I did a lot of research before making this decision. Therefore, I can contribute in an informed way to this conversation. 

First, stem cell therapy is indeed very effective on partial CCL tears IF the tear is 50% or less. Unfortunately, my dog had a complete tear and this was not an option. Second, the TPLO surgery/rehab can return a dog to full functioning; there are other surgical procedures for a torn cruciate but the research indicates that -- overall -- they are not as effective over time as a TPLO. Third, don't rush into surgery or even assume that a diagnosis is correct. Get second opinions, and make sure the diagnosis and treatment are done by specialists.

As I mentioned, I traveled to Maryland with Harper -- 2300+ miles each way -- in order for Harper to be seen at VOSM and specifically by Dr. Sherman Canapp. I did this because I knew he is excellent and experienced, and I wanted the best possible specialist -- and outcome -- for Harper. I was not disappointed -- the clinic is amazing, Dr. Canapp was thorough and informative, the care/surgery provided was excellent, and the post-op care and support -- even at a distance -- is superb. I cannot recommend them highly enough -- if your dog has a cruciate issue, they are the place to go -- for stem cell treatment if possible, for surgery if necessary, and for the rehab support/care needed after treatment; here is their website:

Harper is two weeks post-surgery and we are back home in Montana working on her recovery -- I would do the whole trip again if needed. The experience was that good, and trust me -- I am a very, very picky veterinary consumer. 

Mary-Ann Sontag Bowman (Ph.D.  -- I include that only to indicate that I might know a thing or two about how to research stuff :)
Stevensville, MT