Testimonial - Gunner

Thursday November 19, 2015

When we brought our dog Gunner to VOSM for right knee TPLO surgery, he'd lost all ability to bear weight on his injured leg.  Though we'd read everything we could find about the procedure, we were unsure of how recovery would go, particularly whether he would regain his ability to take extended hikes; sometimes up to fifteen miles.

VOSM's comprehensive discharge instructions included all the information we needed to help him safely rehabilitate.  By following their direction and closely working with our regular veterinarian, six months post-TPLO, Gunner was back to hiking up and down the hills of Pennsylvania and beyond.  It was as if his knee injury had never happened.

We returned to VOSM for TPLO on Gunner's left knee, confident the procedure will be a full success and reassured knowing the ease of the surgical and recovery experiences.  We couldn't be happier with the outcome and want to tell people considering TPLO surgery that it's given our boy the full mobility he deserves, and VOSM made it so easy - start to finish.


Chris and Stacey