Rocky Champagne


Thursday April 9, 2009

In the summer of 2007, my son’s chocolate lab Rocky was diagnosed with luxating patellas. We live in northeastern Pennsylvania, and the corrective surgery was performed locally. Everything went wrong, and both of Rocky’s patella tendons tore. He could not put weight on his hind legs, and another local veterinary surgeon attempted to reconnect the tendons. He told us it was a long shot, and indeed it was, as both repairs failed. At this point, we began to realize that Rocky might never walk again, and we were totally devastated. Then some web surfing told us about Dr. Canapp and VOSM. We made an appointment, and Dr. Canapp told us about a tendon graft procedure that would enable Rocky to walk and play again. After a preliminary surgery to clean out the metal and wires in Rocky’s hind legs, Dr. Canapp performed the graft procedure on Rocky’s right leg on January 2, 2008. The plan was to do the left leg once the right became strong enough, but miraculously Rocky’s left leg began to heal on its own. Within a few months, Rocky was able to resume his life as a very happy and playful, and occasionally goofy, lab. This was made possible by the extraordinary skill and care of Dr. Canapp and his wonderful staff at VOSM! We could not be happier with how everything turned out for Rocky.


Raymond Champagne