Wednesday April 23, 2014

I imagine everyone at VOSM is happy to be in the new hospital. I'll bet it is a really top-of-the-line facility! My wife and I still have Rocky — we don't want to let him go — and he is doing great. He loves to play with our dogs and he has no trouble at all keeping up with them. If he overdoes it, he might limp a little for a day or so, but Dr. Noto gave us some medicine for that.


Rocky is never going to win any beauty or agility contests, but he is an absolutely wonderful dog, always happy and sweet and grateful. I really cannot find strong enough words to express how happy we are that he can just be a regular dog after all he went through. We will always be deeply thankful to Dr. Canapp and VOSM!

Ray Champange



Dr. Canapp,

Please feel free to use the stifle braces as long as you wish. We are very pleased to know that Rocky's situation and treatment will benefit veterinarians and dogs throughout the country. At this point last year, we thought Rocky would never walk again and we were absolutely devastated. Then, most fortunately, we discovered VOSM and that was the first step towards Rocky's remarkable recovery.


My family and I - and Rocky especially - thank you so very much!


Ray Champagne