Douglas Magoo Valle

Silver Spring, MD

Wednesday April 23, 2014

Douglas has always been a wonderful, healthy, relaxed kind of dog and very tolerant of pain with scrapes and scratches, but when our 2.5/3-year-old pit bull started limping, we became very worried about him.

We thought that he must be in an extreme amount of pain to cause such a terrible limp so we took him in to our regular vet's office for an exam and some x-rays. We were told that he had injured both elbows and would require surgery by an orthopedic specialist.

This was scary news, but since I work in the veterinary community, I knew VOSM was the best place to take our beloved boy so that he would get the highest level of care for his orthopedic problem.

Douglas first saw Dr. Leasure for his initial exam and was diagnosed with Jump Down Syndrome. This occurred when Douggie-dog decided to jump over our six-foot fence to chase after a neighborhood cat that taunts him daily. Jump Down Syndrome is when little bone fragments break off and are floating in the elbow joint capsule causing debilitating, arthritis-like pain.

His treatment consisted of surgery; they used a tiny scope to look in both of his elbow joints to identify the fragments and fish them out. Dr. Leasure then grounded down the sharp points on the remaining bone so that they did not continue to poke him and cause pain.

Doug recovered very nicely from the surgery. Though it is very difficult to keep a big dog from running and playing with our other two dogs, he managed to do really well on "cage rest." It's a good thing that he had surgery in the winter because he hates the cold weather and wanted to stay in by the fireplace most of the time anyway!

Our home care instructions included ice packing three times a day, pain meds, NSAIDs and antibiotics, and later progressed to include some light physical therapy and increasing intensity walks.

Doug is doing fantastic now! He plays like a puppy and is able to walk without that terrible limp! They say that he should not have any other issues except for some arthritis as he ages but most dogs have that problem when they get older anyway.

We are pleased with the service from VOSM's staff members and with the impeccable care that Doug received. We highly recommend VOSM and will take our pets there for ortho needs as they grow older!

- Tracey Valle