Charlie Pellegrini

Chicago, Illinois

Wednesday April 23, 2014

Prior to our web consult with Dr. Canapp, we were largely without hope. Our 8-month-old rescue puppy had severely deformed tibias and luxating patellas. A well-respected, highly-recommended surgeon had already examined Charlie and his x-rays, and pronounced that the prognosis would be "guarded" at best.

Because we live in a Chicago suburb, we are blessed with a wonderful general vet. We thought that, surely, we have the best surgeons available in our own backyard, so we should just accept that surgery isn't a viable option for our puppy. Yet, I found myself on the Internet, searching for a different answer.

When I stumbled across VOSM, I couldn't decide whether I had discovered an oasis in the desert or just good marketing. As I read so many positive comments raving about VOSM's skills, I wondered, "Why on Earth would we consider driving 13 hours across [the] country for a surgery that could be performed a short 20 minutes away from our home?"

After speaking with Dr. Canapp via webcam, all doubts were resolved. Based on that one conversation, it is our conclusion that Dr. Canapp is absolutely wonderful. He is helpful, articulate, personable, and knowledgeable. Dr. Canapp's surgical plan was very different from what had been proposed to us at home. He suggested a more current procedure that is new and improved. And, he explained in logical, common sense terms why his philosophy for correction was different.

We also found Dr. Canapp to be very optimistic, with the positive "can do" attitude that it would take to solve Charlie's complicated limb deformities. VOSM has a lot of experience with cases like Charlie, and Dr. Canapp inspired confidence that Charlie would be helped. "Maryland, here we come," my husband and I declared in unison!

Unfortunately, this story does not have a happy ending. Within hours, our little Charlie's heart started to fail. He was euthanized before he ever got to see the East coast.

My hope is that another despairing puppy parent will read these comments, and try a web consult with Dr. Canapp before giving up hope.

- Sheri Pellegrini