Bug Hoffmeister

Annapolis, MD

Wednesday April 23, 2014

Our family was devastated when our baby Bug was diagnosed with severe congenital bilateral hip dysplasia. He was a rescue mutt found starving in a drainage ditch in Daytona, Florida. We nursed him back to health and thought we were out of the woods healthwise when we noticed he was lame and limping in his hind limbs.

We took him to the vet and were told that our option was surgery and were given a referral to a surgery center - case closed. Then, I ran into a VOSM client at a pet supply store, a total stranger who saw my sad face and armloads of glucosamine and said, "Go to VOSM." I went and am grateful every day that I did.

VOSM took unsedated x-rays, spent time watching him walk, did a complete orthopedic exam, and came up with a real plan. They put Bug on the correct medications and supplements, developed a physical therapy regimen, and painstakingly explained his plans, thought processes, and our options.

Today, Bug is a happy guy who is able to function as a normal dog... without surgery! He may be a surgical candidate in the future, but for now, he is doing great without it! VOSM gave us answers, choices, and a comprehensive plan. We learned what activities helped and hurt his condition, so we weren't always questioning whether Bug's daily activities were harming him.

We couldn't be happier and recommend VOSM without reservation.

- Dorion & Chris Hoffmeister