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dog knee with TightRope surgical stabilization for torn CCLTightRope CCL


The Tight Rope CCL technique, released just this year, was developed to provide a minimally invasive method for extracapsular stabilization of the knee. 


This technique differs from the conventional extracapsular stabilization in that it is a bone to bone fixation and utilizes a method for more accurate isometric implant placement. 


FiberTape®, an implant designed specifically for ligament repair, has superior strength and stiffness compared to conventional suture materials used for extracapsular stabilization. 


Following surgical evaluation of the CCL and meniscus, using specific landmarks, bone tunnels are made through the femur and tibia. The FiberTape® is passed through these tunnels. Toggle buttons are inserted and used to apply appropriate tension to the FiberTape® providing stabilization of the knee.


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